Building & Amenities

We at UPF manufacture wide range of Precast Concrete Products to meet all types of building requirements, no matter how complex the project. We expertise with precast concrete products such as hollow core slab, beams, columns, boundary walls, insulated panels etc. 

Considering the substantial demand in the Qatar and Saudi Arabia markets, UPF provides a range of designs to our clients that meet contemporary needs for enhanced strength, increased durability, and cost-effectiveness compared to conventional construction methods.


Precast Boundary Walls
Precast Hollow Core Slabs
Precast Beams
Precast Wheel Stopper
Precast Column
Precast Footing / Foundation
Precast Slab
Precast Panel
Precast Facade Cladding
Precast Minaret
Precast Retaining Wall
Parapet Wall
Precast Staircase