Supply & Installation of Precast Racker Beams, Bleachers, Vomitory Wall, Staircase.
Concrete Crash Barriers, Kerbstones
Supply of Subsea Precast sleepers for sub marine pipeline support.
Supply And Installation Of Precast Concrete Building Elements
Supply and Installation of Hollow core slab and girders.
Chemical, Compact, Electrical Building - Supply & Installation of full Precast Building Foundation, Columns, Beams, Concrete Wall Panel, Hollowcore Slab, Manholes and Chambers.
Supply and Installation of Full precast villas comprising of Hollow core slab, Beams, Wall Panels, Columns, and Architectural boundary wall.
Supply & Installation of External Precast concrete cladding.
Supply And Installation Of Column, Beam, Wall Panels And Hollow Core Slabs
Supply and Installation of Columns, Beams, and Hollow Core Slab.
Supply And Installation Of Boundary Wall, Column, Beam, Hollow Core Slab And Manholes.
Precast Concrete Fence Barrier For All Stadiums.
Supply & Installation of Full Precast Warehouse Building Foundation, Columns, Beams, Concrete Wall Panel, Hollow-core Slab, Staircase.